Accessories of forging steel - Mirror of forging steel.

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    Mirrors of forged steel.

    How many times a day we look in the mirror to check your appearance? We stop in front of a mirror after a shower when we hear the doorbell or when preparing for the very special evening. Mirrors can be our best friends or worst enemies, it all depends on what we see.

    Accessories of forging steel - Mirror of forging steel

    Good or bad, but always reflect the mirror image of the natural, yet the mirror can not be just a piece of glass, and art. The best proof of this - art forging. Soft wrought steel is the best fit for the manufacture of frames for mirrors. Mirrors can vary in form and purpose.

    They can be oval, round, rectangular, free-form - it all depends on the imagination and experience of the master. Of the functions are divided into decorative mirrors, floor and wall. It does not matter, either directly or decorative, wall-mounted or free-standing, single or in pairs with candlesticks wrought mirror adds a touch to any room.

    Accessories of forging steel - Mirror of forging steel

    You will appreciate the beauty and elegance of the metal. Talented masters are proud of their handiwork. Experienced master always will produce something special for each client. This personal attention ensures that the mirror hand-forged to complement your home and give you many pleasant moments.

    Every time you look in a mirror, power metal will give you special powers.


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