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    Artistic forging.

    Artistic forging - is the most common method of artistic metal. Most often the term is associated with the art forging blacksmith trade, processing iron, steel and copper. Artistic forging of metal - this is the real creativity, but not every blacksmith's work can be artistic.

    Artistic forging

    Indeed, a beautiful forged metal gives the interior or landscape special chic, looks both beautiful and impressive. View of any visitor can not help linger on the elegant and original product, do not get tired of admiring them and family members.

    In addition, the masterpieces of iron is particularly good because they never go out of fashion, but for all lovers of old forging a real find. After using it very easy to decorate your home, "old" forged furniture.

    Artistic forging of metal - it's limitless possibilities for the realization of the most daring and creative ideas. Items made of art forging techniques, give products of metal refinement, artistic merit and expression. Bulky and heavy metal inherently produce forged products in the audience the illusion lace ease.

    Artistic forging

    Art has always been forging an essential element of architectural composition. The facades of houses, monuments, parks and squares are framed by a fence, as a precious metal frame. Wrought Iron will add personality to your home, office, restaurant.

    Wrought Iron:

    Even during times of Kievan Rus' town blacksmiths skillfully forged from iron and steel utensils, agricultural implements, tools of artisans, weapons and armor, horse harness, fences and grates.

    All these types of products intended for practical use, so they made soundly, respond well to their functions. The full force of artistic features of the forging of iron revealed later, especially in the Russian art of XVII-XVIII centuries.

    Artistic forging

    Window openings are closed delicate wrought-iron bars, parks and gardens were decorated elaborately made wrought iron fences, wrought iron gates and fences, railings. Richly decorated with iron doors decorated with elements of art forging stone temples, palaces, in the construction of which was attended by the master of all kinds of crafts.

    In the XVIII century, forging is widely used for fencing of urban estates, mansions, church yards. In St. Petersburg with artistic forging technology vie iron casting, forging, forcing a costly operation.

    But the peculiarity of art-making, which is achieved by forging (decorated fences, delicate wrought-iron railings, balcony railings, gates, garden gates, wrought iron furniture, wrought iron fences and stair railings), retains an interest in her and in the XIX century. If the casting design and development of the whole scenery gave the architect, we always rely on forging a creative variation and refinement details of the blacksmith.

    Artistic forging

    Imagination and skill, ingenuity, masterly technology, excellent knowledge of the characteristics and capabilities of the metal can create highly artistic works of art, infinitely large and expressive world wrought iron.

    Forging today:

    In the XX century to replace the decorative wrought iron came welded products and structures, is associated with the development of rolling and stamping plants, art forging has become simplified. However, the revival of artistic forging of great importance for contemporary arts and crafts.

    At the present time the popularity of forged products is growing. Decoration of home, garden, apartment and office hammered home furnishings has become "fashionable" among the wealthy. Nothing can so transform, emphasize the individuality of apartments, houses, gardens, a truly beautiful and stylish wrought iron products.

    Artistic forging

    These days, art forging a very popular - we everywhere meet with forged fences, delicate wrought-iron lattice gates, wrought-iron furniture, wrought iron furnishings and garden furniture. In this era of standard products manufactured for mass circulation, the popularity of these products is undeniable, as it is artistic forging is one of the last "live" crafts.

    Crafts returned. Slowly and surely they have attracted the attention of more people. Appear self-taught master, opened schools and courses that teach traditional crafts. Wrought Iron in recent years become especially popular.

    Window bars, door frames, floors, and decorative objects - all these made hands of experienced craftsmen in the shortest possible time. For several centuries the exclusive products of artistic forging is an essential attribute that can highlight the sophistication and impeccable style to your home, decorated with wrought balconies, wrought-iron window grilles, canopies and awnings, balcony railings or fences.

    Artistic forging

    Specialists, like applying centuries-old traditions and modern technologies to artistic forging forging, use their knowledge, experience and secrets, and will help to give you possession of the spirit of past centuries: whether it be classical solemnity, the majesty of the Baroque elegance of Gothic, Renaissance individualism or On the contrary, the desire to emphasize the pursuit of modern minimalism.

    Artistic forging a great way to manufacture parts for the original landscape design. You can make frames, vases, coasters, and original columns under the twine plant. Forged Products section will give a special flavor and originality, will give a tinge of antiquity and its inhabitants will suffer like the past.

    The real decoration of your porch can be forged metal lattice. They are placed between the floors. The original weave, and pictures will attract attention and decorate, but not robust design makes it easy to get to the apartments.

    Artistic forging

    However, the metal bars today and set in an office environment. Under the immovable part of the lattice can be planted twine plant, which will give the room a special color and brighten up the interior. Artistic forging can be used as a massive ornamental style, and as an elegant design solution.

    It can be worn as smooth rectangular in nature, and florid, ornamental decor. Artistic forging can help a person find creative ideas for new ideas and promote new solutions.

    Artistic forging

    It has long been known that surrounding yourself with beautiful and exquisitely made things a person spiritually and subtly developed, and having before our eyes prichudlivo forged pattern or thing in ethnic style, especially if the thing forged exclusive, a person feels a surge of creative energy and aesthetic.


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