Artistic forging - Forging flowers and leaves.

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    Forging of flowers and leaves.

    Forging - a very complex process, requiring a high degree of blacksmith training. Although in modern art forging leaves and flowers as decoration elements are rarely used, yet it is a decorative element, without which the last of artistic blacksmiths did not do.

    Artistic forging metal - Forging of flowers and leaves

    For forging, such as roses require ductile material. To do this, choose a cylindrical billet with a diameter somewhat smaller than the rose and stretched out one end of the square.

    Forging of roses from a single piece of metal.

    The remaining end should be sized so that was enough for three layers of material of which will be hammered rose, cut off excess capacity. The remaining cylindrical portion is divided into three parts and a sharp ax around nadsekayut workpiece in the direction of the axis, leaving the center nedorublenny material thickness equal to the thickness of the square drawn on the rod.

    So, are three layers of material overlapping. Preform is placed into the mold plate and handbrake upset these layers as long as their diameter would correspond to the size of a rose, and the thickness is about two millimeters. Then cut out the first layer pyatilistnuyu outlet, which strike to the middle to separate the petals overlap.

    Dissected and arching petals clench up on the horn and put the anvil in the shape of a barrel. The second layer should also be pyatilistnym, but somewhat larger, his strike in the same way and wrapped around the first, then do the same with the third layer.

    Pyatilistnye outlet every time cut to the second layer overlaps the first and the third - the second. Die-cutting should be done carefully to avoid damage to the bottom layer. The leaves of the third layer to break up the reflection in order to obtain the natural shape of rose petals and then bends them to the first two layers.

    Once the rose is decorated, heated square rod knock the edges and stretch rod shaped into the stem. Finally, the heat rose and the whole little mites completes the rose giving a natural shape.

    Almost in the same way you can forge a rose out of sheet: cut pyatilistnye three sockets, connect them to forge welding in the center of the spike, and then do the same as in forging a rose. However, the finished product in this case is not as beautiful as the first case. Some of artistic blacksmiths forge a rose in parts.

    Artistic forging metal - Forging of flowers and leaves

    Forging of roses in parts.

    This method is also interesting. First must be forged balls on stalks three sizes: fifteen, twenty and twenty-five millimeters, three pieces each. Then, three blanks for each size consistently prokovyvayut on sheet so that the stem was thicker and the edges - as thin as possible.

    Next three petals of the same size stacked along a stack is heated in the stack and prokovyvayut round beard. Similarly, all three groups treated with the same lobe. After that, start to weld.

    Take a wire diameter of six or eight millimeters and are welded to it the smallest of the cup-shaped petals, then - the larger ones and, finally, is the largest, placing them so that the larger lobe overlaps the lower.

    Then forge the stalk is described. The final design of roses is the same as mentioned above. The result depends on the taste and skill of the performer. Method of forging other colors basically the same as forging and roses, with the difference that it is necessary to take into account the real shape of the chosen flower, make out the shape of its major parts and select the appropriate material.

    The elements of decoration are also small and large leaves, which lies on manufacturing sweep of their shape on the plane. Various forms of leaves innumerable, but, as the basic principles of manufacturing the same, we shall describe in detail the making of one sheet. First you need to make scanning the sheet with the figure, ie transfer it to the length of a curve to a straight line, which, strictly speaking, is the axis of the sheet.

    Artistic forging metal - Forging of flowers and leaves

    Scan the sheet.

    To do so, usually, use a thin welding wire, which is bent on a path. Drawing the needle is transferred to the wire from the main point of the picture. Align the wire and the length of all labels carry with it on the axle. In the same way measure the width of the sheet at different locations, and transferred to the sketch. Necks on the sketch sheet made somewhat wider.

    Further draws outline sheet from the top to the root, leaving the position and the width of a point by point, so get the form of leaf, or rather half of it. After this sketch of bent-axis, and copy the path the other side of the sheet. Then cut out the contour of the sheet and use as a template in the future. Form template is applied with a needle on a sheet of blank sheet and cut along the contour.

    On the drawing is transferred onto a sheet corresponding grooves and depressions. Then do as in the corrugations and mint. How will a sheet depends on the skill and thoroughness of the job. The basis of success is in the correct unfolding of the sheet, whether unilateral or bilateral.

    Scan the calyx. Cup unfold the same way as the leaves, but the measurement starting from its middle. When restoration work is very common, especially in the lattices of the Baroque and rococo, richly decorated with leaves, such as acanthus leaves, dissected and prochekanennye difficult.

    Such works is desirable to attract an experienced artist who can help provide elegant contours of the product.


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