Wrought Iron in the interior - Fireplaces.

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    Fireplace is a kind of focal point in the room, he decorated the room and offers her warmth. Nowadays fireplaces are an inherent part of the house, cottages, they are placed in the rooms of hotels and inns.

    Wrought Iron in the interior - Fireplace

    Fireplaces are cozy and give color to the interior. Performed with the use of art forged fireplace look very elegant and beautiful.

    Wrought Iron Fireplace Screens.

    Wrought Iron in the interior - Fireplace

    Appointment to the fireplace screens primarily in that they protect your home from sparks emitted from the fireplace. Despite its versatility forged screens can be very beautiful. They are diverse in style, size and edging.

    Everyone chooses what suits the interior house, it all depends on taste - whether it leans toward the elegant style, or strictly rhetorical style. The range of designs from seasoned in the strict style to form the intricate scrollwork of the Victorian era.

    The peasant, traditional, modern - all of these styles are beautiful, elegant in its own way. Wrought Iron Fireplace Screens are functional and durable, you'll appreciate their beauty and durability.

    Forged fireplace hearth.

    Wrought Iron in the interior - Fireplace

    Wrought Iron furnaces for wood with curved elements in the floral style create an atmosphere of romance and keep warm in any weather.

    Wrought Iron Firewood Holders.

    Wrought Iron in the interior - Fireplace

    Many are wondering how to enjoy the burning of wood and at the same time maintain order around the fireplace? How about a muffin dry wood? We all love the cozy atmosphere with crackling logs in the fireplace, but how often clutter prevented us enjoy your favorite type of fireplace. It seems that there is a solution for this burning problem.

    Forged holders or stands for firewood optimally suited for this. Wood will always be dry, neatly folded, and always at hand. Will not have to run outside in the cold or rain. There will be no piles of wood chips scattered around the fireplace. Holders of wood from wrought iron as beautiful as durable.

    Fireplace accessories.

    Wrought Iron in the interior - Fireplace

    The presence of a fireplace in the house requires a set of functions: cleaning the furnace, adjusting the flame during combustion, etc. In order to facilitate these procedures have been devised fireplace accessories - made of wrought iron the village blacksmith, they were simply functional objects of everyday life.

    These days, a common set of wrought iron fireplace accessories includes: tongs to lift the wood in the firebox and adjustable fire poker to maintain the wood in close proximity for efficient combustion, broom and dustpan to clean the ashes.

    Modern fireplace accessories continue to be made of wrought iron, the best material for this not to be found, since it is the most rugged and durable material. Thanks to a set of forged fireplace accessories your fireplace will look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.


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