Sculptures and fountains made of metal.

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    Sculptures and fountains made of metal.

    The idea of ​​fountains take a man from nature. Underground key or geysers, spurting water out of the ground, high mountains with craters and lava spewing - all this is an example of natural or natural fountains. Since ancient times, they bring joy to them facing the person, sometimes veyali horror and fear, but it's always been mixed with elation.

    Sculptures and fountains made of metal

    The symbol of victory, strength, power and raw energy. He hastens to climb upward, overcoming the resistance force, pulled out from under the ground. Nobody knows who, where and when built the first fountain, but it is known that this was a very long time. Even in the Bible story of Samson, was that after the victory over the Philistines in 1000 asked God for a drink of water. God gave the award winner - a fountain, who scored immediately at his feet.

    Since the fountains is often called the "source crying." For example, in Prague in the 18th and 19th centuries,'s fountains were the main source of drinking water. They stood on each free space. Sometimes they were simple reservoir with a log home, others were decorated with sculptures on the ancient, biblical and natural motifs.

    Especially in the Renaissance and Baroque rich citizens competed in the decoration and the installation of beautiful fountains. Fountains of charge and surprise her energy and activity. Poets often sang them in his poems. Unique fountains were created in the ancient Roman Empire to the Roman people, the fountains were sacred and necessary for life.

    Fountains were high artistic creations of human hands. Each structure associated with the water, carried its own special idea, but they all had the same thoughts of eternity, of life and death in general. The water attracts and fascinates us. Balances all systems of the body. The water calms and invigorates at the same time, it all depends on what's inside the fountain.

    Today fountains are an architectural and aesthetic features. This is a meeting place and dating, and just the place where you can relax in the summer heat. People throw coins to come back to where they want to visit again. Fountains of metal attract and fascinate.

    This is really a work of art. Forged fountains or fountains with elements of forging different from the other fountains with their beauty and charm. They are made of different metals bronze, aluminum and steel. Bronze sculptures made mostly adorning himself fountain and pipelines, as in casting and machining in the best material is not found.

    Fountains can be made of bronze ages, they do not crack or fade. Bronze is the strongest material, since it is composed of many alloys. In addition, a bronze sheen and a spray of water look great in the sun. This is an amazing sight!

    Aluminium performed mostly small decorative fountains, more suitable for garden equipment, this stuff is very popular, because aluminum is very resistant to ordinary corrosion. Mild steel is very plastic in forging, so make it easily forged items. Now popular stainless steel fountain is most relevant.

    Fountains made of metal can be represented by various sculptures in the form of wildlife, fish, embossed masks and palmettes, ancient and modern motifs abstract shapes. It all depends on the imagination and the creative hands of a master artist.

    Fountains made of metal are not only decorative details, and various sculptures, and modern technology, which creates a dynamic light and throws a flood of water. Modern fountains are complex engineering structures, extensive use of hydraulic equipment (pumps, special valves, isolation valves, piping and various elements of the valves).

    Go to the hydraulic equipment and water treatment system is a mechanical filter system and antibiotic treatment with ultraviolet lights flowing against the "blooms". Mechanical filters, in turn, do not let the particle sizes for flow-through dangerous parts of the pump and the formative elements fountain.

    One of the main functions of the fountain and expressive is his work at night under artificial lighting. The most efficient lighting is a jet of water using underwater lights placed under water. Here is the most important way to take stock of the light flux to the jet of water.

    Usually widely used underwater halogen lamps with safe operating voltage of 12 volts and at a lower color filters. Currently, however, LED lamps made just a revolution in the same light flux, they can reduce the operating voltage of up to six volts, and power consumption by ten times.

    Recently popular fountains are jets with dynamic control and color. Of these, the most difficult are tsvetomuzykalnye fountains with computerized control of the entire automated system.


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