Sculptures and fountains made of metal - Forged sculptures for gardens and parks.

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    Forged sculptures for gardens and parks.

    Forged sculptures in parks, gardens and home gardens are not only beautify the landscape, but also bear some of the philosophical meaning. The sculptures can be united by a common theme and idea, you can use them to create original landscape composition.

    Sculptures and fountains made of metal - Forged Sculpture for Gardens and Parks

    Properly chosen lighting can present a forged sculpture in a positive light, place the necessary emphasis, to create a mysterious atmosphere. Take note of the unusual solution for landscape design - forged sculptures and lanterns can be combined in a single sculptural object.

    Forged lights in this case are dual-use items - they give people the light, and combined them with sculptures have a meaning. A large number of forged sculpture created on wildlife. Forged birds, horses, foxes become full citizens of the park or garden, along with their living counterparts - pets.

    In the second place in popularity - floral motifs. Forged trees, flowers, even exotic palm trees harmoniously with each other, not at all conflicting with natural lines and shapes.

    The sculptures can be made up of several forged elements - in this case, the specific details of sculpture are joined together by soldering or welding. Another type of sculpture, a more complex manufacturing - solid sculpture. It is often called wrought plasticity. This sculpture is made by forging with careful follow-up detail.

    Sculptures and fountains made of metal - Forged Sculpture for Gardens and Parks

    Metal in the capable hands of a master is able to become the most elegant wrought-iron sculpture. He malleable, flexible, completely subordinated to the blacksmith. Creating a forged sculpture - one of the most difficult blacksmith work. Therefore, it is taken only for masters qualifications. Creating an elegant and original wrought-iron sculpture - a kind of test to check the skill of the smith.

    Forged sculptures reside in the open air, so you need to pay special attention to protecting the wrought iron from corrosion. The sculptures are treated with special anti-corrosive paints, enamels. After applying the protective coating they will resist to the vagaries of weather and preserve the original appearance for years to come.

    Forged sculpture can be painted in any color, depending on the style of landscape design. The traditional colors are black and white - these classic, versatile colors are combined with all the others, and never go out of fashion.


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