Artistic forging metal.

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    Artistic forging metal.

    Metal has always fascinated people. Since ancient times people worshiped the metal, its strength and power. Power over the human large metal today. Nowadays metal has become an integral part of our life, our civilization is no metal could not have evolved and become the way it is today.

    Artistic forging metal

    In the Middle Ages, people have learned to forge metal household items and jewelry. Today, the master joined the beauty of art forging and practicality of products in a single whole. Artistic forging metal is becoming increasingly popular these days. Artistic forging - is boundless opportunities for realization of the most daring and creative ideas.

    Items made of art forging techniques, give products of metal refinement, artistic merit and expression. Today, once again increasing demand for forged products: ornaments for the garden, house, apartment or office. Metal, as nothing else is able to highlight and transform the whole personality and exquisite environment.

    Artistic forging.

    Artistic forging metal

    Artistic forging - is the most common method of artistic metal. Most often the term is associated with the art forging blacksmith trade, processing iron, steel and copper. Artistic forging of metal - this is the real creativity, but not every blacksmith's work can be artistic.

    Indeed, a beautiful forged metal gives the interior or landscape special chic, looks both beautiful and impressive. View of any visitor can not help linger on the elegant and original product, do not get tired of admiring them and family members. In addition, the masterpieces of iron is particularly good because they never go out of fashion, but for all lovers of old forging a real find. After using it very easy to decorate your home, "old" forged furniture.

    Artistic forging of metal - it's limitless possibilities for the realization of the most daring and creative ideas. Items made of art forging techniques, give products of metal refinement, artistic merit and expression. Bulky and heavy metal inherently produce forged products in the audience the illusion lace ease.

    Forging of flowers and leaves.

    Artistic forging metal

    Forging - a very complex process, requiring a high degree of blacksmith training. Although in modern art forging leaves and flowers as decoration elements are rarely used, yet it is a decorative element, without which the last of artistic blacksmiths did not do. For forging, such as roses require ductile material. To do this, choose a cylindrical billet with a diameter somewhat smaller than the rose and stretched out one end of the square.

    Malleable metal.

    According to mythology, all metals were in charge of Pluto ruled the underworld, but at the same time associated with the cosmic energy of the planets. The alchemists recognized seven major metals, which corresponded to the deity and celestial body. Gold - an imperishable material, born of the Sun, associated with Apollo, red, pure Spirit, giving rise to all living things.

    Silver - a perfect metal, is correlated with the Moon, Diana, blue, ethereal soul, and gives the feeling of ideal images. Other metals are not perfect. Mercury Mercury and corresponds to white, tin - the lightest metal - corresponds to Jupiter, and purple. Iron is identified with Mars, and the orange solid Spirit, give birth movement, and sometimes very unpredictable aspirations.

    Artistic forging metal

    Copper is associated with Venus, her match green and corporeal soul, responsible for saving the life force. Lead belongs to Saturn and is identified with a yellow and a material body. Alchemy tried to build up the evolutionary ladder of metals in the bottom of which was iron, and then went copper, lead, tin, silver, at the very top - gold.

    In traditional folk performances are different metals, especially iron, silver and gold, were given magical powers, as well as a variety of objects made from these materials, amulets, jewelry, weapons, mirrors, coins and things like that. Any metal thing attracts attention, even if it's only a bronze knob on a drawer or a small candle.



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